Tips And Hints For Removing Unwanted Body Hair

* Hair removal or shaving sounds simple enough
* However achieving smooth bare skin is often neither easy nor cheap
* Often there is pain, nicks, cuts, red bumps and ingrown hairs
* Some hair removal methods do not work well
* Some methods are harmful to skin and very expensive

But we can help if you read our hair removal and shaving blog

In our blog below we inform and offer professional advice on safe hair removal, pubic shaving, and body grooming. 
We also want to disprove some of the persistent urban legends and old wives tales concerning shaving and skin care.
Scroll down for helpful how to topics, thoughtful advice and hair removal information 

Equally important, we will shine a light on some not so safe hair removal methods that salons and TV adverts insist that you "must" have.

Please don't be shy to add your opinions, questions or personal experiences about any hair removal experiences.

Why is so called "expert" advice to avoid skin irritation, shaver rash and ingrown hairs oftens wrong ?

Posted by Shorne on 6/1/2017 to Body Grooming

Hair Removal Mistakes

Posted by Shorne on 8/17/2016 to Body Care

Does IPL work?

Posted by Shorne on 8/13/2016 to Body Care
Does IPL Hair Removal Work?
What needs to be recognized from the start is that no laser or IPL procedure
removes hair permanently is often claimed. Lawyers allow them to say however their device may "permanently reduce hair growth" which is not the same and not how the devices and procedures are marketed.

5 Shaving Myths Busted

Posted by Shorne on 8/5/2016 to Body Care

Laser hair removal is not permanent but the ill effects may be

Posted by Shorne on 2/19/2016 to Body Care

Permanent hair removal despite the hype, is NOT the Holy Grail of body grooming.

Hair removal without damaging your health, skin or finances is a more realistic and sane approach.

If sensible sane hair removal is  not a priority for you, then you might choose chemotherapy mat your local beauty salon, as a sure fire way to remove all body hair. Failing that, a blow torch would be a quick and inexpensive method of home hair removal. Well a flame works on poultry fuzz provided always that it is deceased.


How do I get rid of razor bumps?

Posted by Shorne on 1/28/2016 to Body Care


If you are like millions of other people - the answer is yes!

Our Advice - Try The Irritation Free Bare It All Electric Shaver And Trimmer

Bikini-line-hair-is-easily-removed-with-the-Bare It All Personal Shaver micro-trimmer

The shaving rash, red bumps & ingrown hairs reported by almost everyone is clinically called pseudo folliculitis barbae. More simply it is the skin telling you to stop wet shaving with any so called safety razor of any brand.because the naked blade is damaging it and stripping it of natural oils.

Then you won’t have to waste money on lathers, lotions, potions and cremes after you have damaged the skin by using a razor blade.
Billions of hard earned dollars each year are wasted doing exactly this.

How an electric shaver can shave as close as a razor blade

Posted by Shorne on 11/4/2015 to Body Care

How an electric shaver can shave as close as a razor blade

Although it may sound improbable, an electric shaver like the Bare-It-All with an ultra thin foil, together with user skill, really does shave as close as a blade.


This is why!

The Wizard Of Fuzz Offers Painless, Inexpensive Hair Removal For Less Than $37.00.

Posted by Shorne on 7/20/2015 to Body Grooming


Yes Dorothy the Wizard Of Fuzz is offering painless, inexpensive hair removal for less than $50.00.  Follow the yellow brick road to and watch out for that old menopausal witch !?

Save water while shaving - don't make the drought worse

Posted by Shorne on 5/2/2015 to Electric Shaver & Razor


It is no secret that the drought in the western USA and in many other areas is a matter of serious concern and not simply tree huggers getting over reactive.

For our two cents worth you can easily save thousands of gallons of drinking water over a year by switching from wet shaving to dry shaving with an electric personal shaver. Not only do you save water but you also save on power bills and heating costs for the water, treatment of waste water used.

Is Armpit Hair A Turn Off For The Guys?

Posted by Shorne on 7/6/2014 to Body Care
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We totally agree that every person male or female has the right to decide if body hair is attractive, needs careful grooming or trimming or needs complete removal.

However we do not understand the relatively recent revolt by some feminists,who maybe in the sixties would have have burned their bras to protest, but now have decided to go "hairy" to start a new fashion trend.


Furthermore, while we do not advocate skin damaging and ingrown hair producing razor blade use, we do recommend using a good quality electric personal shaver.  This is the best, cheapest as well as safest way to remove or trim unwanted body hair.

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