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It is a fact that 95% of all adults perform some degree of hair removal or grooming of unwanted body hair.  We use shavers, razors, trimmers and other forms of hair removal to get smooth skin. The old fashioned 'blade on a stick' razor has not changed much in over a century.  The naked blade scrapes the skin removing not only hair but also the outer skin layer - the epidermis and also precious natural skin oils. The result is often nicks, cuts, dry skin, shaver rash, bumps and ingrown hairs.  That prompted the evolution of other hair removal methods like waxing, epilators, hair removal cremes, IPL and laser hair removal, some of which have some very serious side effects as well as considerable cost.

The inexpensive safe way to get smooth irritation free skin with no adverse side effects or expense, is one of the new personal electric shavers with an irritation free shaving foil.

Look our FAQ page to get information on how to safely and smoothly remove unwanted body hair. These useful hints and tips on shaving and other hair removal methods will help you know better, how to do just a little body hair trimming & hair shaping or at the other end of the spectrum - total body hair removal.


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Eco Friendly Bare It All Personal Shavers Recharge WORLDWIDE 
on any household voltage from 100 volts to 240 volts. These eco friendly body grooming shavers need minimal power and use no water. The internal circuitry in our shavers, auto senses the local mains voltage and converts voltage for use in countries worldwide including  USA EU AUS UK .  No voltage converters, charging stands or charging cords are needed. Everything needed for a smooth irritation free shave is built into the shaver itself. 

earth friendly water saving pubic shaver and trimmer

Why these body shavers and bikini trimmers are better

* Water Saving - Rechargeable - Eco Friendly - Pubic Area Shavers
The Flexible 'Contour Detecting' Shape & Pattern Of Our Shaver Foil Fits Your Curves For Maximum Smoothness
* Pubic Hair Removal Body Grooming Shaver Sets - Painless - Smooth - Private - Inexpensive
* No Need For Painful And Costly Monthly Bikini Waxes, Brazilian Waxing Or Brow Wax
* Body Hair Removal Trimmers  For Chest Beard, Arms Or Legs
* Micro Trimmers For Brows, Upper Lip, Chin, Necklines, Bikini Line, Nose & Ear Hair
* Our Cordless Hair Removal Shavers Won't Irritate Your Skin - No Shaver Rash, Red Bumps Or Ingrown Hairs
* Electric Personal Shavers & Trimmers Cost Less Than Safety Razors Or Straight Edge, And Just As Smooth

Useful tips and advice for eco friendly shaving and removing unwanted body hair

An electric personal shaver can shave as close as a blade or even waxing
What you didn't know about other hair removal methods could hurt you
A single head rotary shaver has a larger cutting surface area than 3-5 head shavers

Pubic shaving, hair removal, waxing or simply trimming any body hair has been done for the last 7,000 years of recorded history. However these days, few of us are taught how to do this effectively and safely without damaging or hurting the skin by using expensive and painful hair removal methods.

Our pubic shavers offer a far safer, kinder solution for hair removal, than harsh caustic chemicals found in hair removal cremes or gels. Burning away hairs with laser hair removal is not a good choice despite the hype and heavy promotion from salons. Despite promotional claims, laser hair removal method is not permanent. It is painful, costly and may permanently burn and scar your skin, or at the least cause dryness, flaking and cracking of the skin later. You will see what we mean at our other hair removal methods page click

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I would recommend this razor as one of the best ones I have used.

"I bought this shaver a couple of months ago and was a little skeptical about the claims about it but it did sound good so I will tell you about my experience. I used it like I would a normal electric shaver and got good results. I then tried getting a little more use and tried shaving my private areas. I am impressed with the shave I got . When I spend a little time and use coconut oil to lubricate, it does just about as good as a Gillette three bladed razor. I did not expect that kind of result with an electric razor but believe me it was a close shave. Anyway I would recommend this razor as one of the best ones I have used."

Male and female body grooming hair removal using intimate shavers by Bare It All