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Bare It All Personal Shavers recharge on any household voltage from 100 volts to 240 volts. No cords or charging stands are needed, as our body grooming shavers are self contained. The internal circuitry auto senses the local mains voltage and converts voltage for use in USA EU AUS UK and other countries - WORLDWIDE

Why these body shavers are better
* Pubic Hair Removal - Painless - Smooth - Private - Inexpensive - Safer - Quicker
* No Need For Painful And Costly Monthly Bikini Waxes, Brazilian Waxing Or Brow Wax
* Body Hair Removal For Brows, Upper Lip, Chin, Necklines, Bikini Line, Nose & Ear Hair
* Our Hair Removal Shavers Will Not Dry, Burn Or Irritate Sensitive Skin
* Hair Removal And Shaving Costing Far Less Than Safety Razors Or Straight Edge Razors
* No Itching, Shaver Rash, Red Bumps, Ingrown Hairs - Caused By Razor Blades, Bikini Waxing & Epilators

Hair removal has a wide range of names like Brazilian wax, bikini wax, bikini trimmers, manzilian, boyzilian, body grooming, pubic shaving, genital hair removal, and so may others. If this sounds confusing, we hope that a first time shaver or old hands that suffer from shaver rash, itching or ingrown hairs, will look here and at our FAQ. This will help you know better how to safely perform limited or full body hair removal or pubic hair trimming, without inaccurate or harmful information from well meaning friends or embarrassing conversations with parents or siblings.

The special body 'contour detect' shape & pattern of our flexible shaver foil allows our Bare It All personal shavers to better fit the contours & curves of your body, to deliver smooth hair removal at the lowest factory direct price.

No shaver rash or red bumps when using this personal shaver foil

Useful tips and advice for eco friendly shaving and removing unwanted body hair

An electric personal shaver can shave as close as a blade or even waxing
A single head rotary shaver has a larger cutting surface area than 3-5 head shavers
What you didn't know about other hair removal methods could hurt you
Bare It All Personal Shavers Are Green Eco Friendly And Water Saving

Pubic shaving, hair removal or simply trimming any body hair has been done for the last 7,000 years of recorded history. However these days, few of us are taught how to do this effectively and safely without damaging or hurting the skin by using expensive and painful hair removal methods.

While not always easy to talk freely about, almost 95% of all adults perform some degree of hair removal for aesthetic, beauty, cleanliness or religious reasons. This may include trimming necklines, nose hair trimming, eyebrow trimming, ear hair removal, facial hair, body grooming or all over body hair and pubic hair removal.

Most modern shavers were designed decades ago for face shaving and do not account for the fact that pubic hair and other body hair is very different in texture from the usual male beard hair. Skin in the genital area is far more sensitive than the face. Sensitive, private, body parts require a sensitive skin pubic shaver. This is why we devised a personal shaver with a different design and foil pattern, for immediate removal of some or all body hair, easily, inexpensively, with no waiting time.

Our personal shavers and trimmers provide smooth hair free skin with no shaver rash, red bumps or ingrown hairs, most often caused by naked razor blades and safety razors. Razor blades scrape away your skin along with unwanted hairs causing a rash. Waxing and epilators both snap or break off hairs at skin level, which causes painful ingrown hairs and ugly skin blemishes.

Our pubic shavers offer a far safer, kinder solution for hair removal, than harsh caustic chemicals found in hair removal cremes or gels. Burning away hairs with laser hair removal is not a good choice despite the hype and heavy promotion from salons. Despite promotional claims, laser hair removal method is not permanent. It is painful, costly and may permanently burn and scar your skin, or at the least cause dryness, flaking and cracking of the skin later. You will see what we mean if you go to our other hair removal methods page HERE

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