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Intimate shaving and removing body hair has been done for the last 7,000 years of recorded history. However few of us are taught how to do this effectively and safely without damaging or hurting the skin, using harmful hair removal methods.  Today almost 95% of adults perform some degree of hair removal, whether it be trimming necklines, nose hair trimming, eyebrow trimming, ear hair removal, facial hair, or all over body hair and genital hair removal.  The problem is that the face shavers of old, do not account for the fact that pubic hair is different from the face and the skin far more sensitive.  This was the reason we came up with a different design of personal shaver for immediately removing some of all body hair on private parts, easily, inexpensively with no waiting time.  Most important personal our shavers and trimmers had to provide smooth hair free skin without shaver rash, red bumps and ingrown hairs caused by naked razor blades scraping the skin, or using harsh caustic chemicals or burning the hairs and sometimes the skin itself with costly laser hair removal procedures.

We hope that first timers will look at our FAQ page and know better how to safely perform teen shaving and hair removal, without having to rely on inaccurate information from friends or the embarrassment of having to have an awkward conversation with parents.

We want being hair free to be carefree for all.


Useful tips and advice for shaving or removing unwanted body hair

* Pubic Hair Removal - Private - Less Expensive - Safer - Quicker
* No Need For Painful Monthly Bikini Waxes Or Brazilians
* Discreet Body Hair Removal For Brows, Upper Lip, Chin, Necklines, Bikini Hair, Nose & Ears
* Our Hair Removal Shavers Will Not Dry Burn Sensitive Skin Or Cause Shaver Rash
* Far Less Expensive Hair Removal Than Safety Or Straight Edge Razors
* No Itching, Shaver Rash, Red Bumps, Ingrown Hairs - Frequently Caused By Razor Blades, Bikini Waxing & Epilators

Additional Benefits Of Bare It All Shavers 

* Our Pubic Shavers & Trimmers Are  Green & Eco Friendly 
* Saving $125.00 A Year On Replacement Blades, Shaving Foam, Aftershaves, Moisturizing & Red Bump Fighting Cremes
* Our Titanium Shavers Reduce Billions Of Plastic Razors, Lather Cans & Rusting Razor Blades Sent To Landfills

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